Create Your Dream Boyfriend In Style Savvy: Trendsetters’ New Mode In Japan


On style savvy trendsetters, is it possible to get a boyfriend? Hopefully if a newer version is released in the future that won’t be the case. Nov 17, Answer from: Alexusthe1st I pretended to have one o. Nov 25, Answer from: Is the Reed guy. Dec 23, Answer from: Gabby I pretend to date brad the delivery guy.

Style Savvy Trendsetters – A Review

Gameplay[ edit ] Style Savvy is played by holding the DS sideways, and the game utilizes the clock and date settings on the system. There are 8 locations where the player can buy clothes, accessories, change hair styles, change outfits, and work on their shop by managing items, making ads, and more. In the contest they can compete and stand a chance to win a rare item.

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Well, who knew Style Savvy would be my first lol. Interesting way to start a fanfic. Was beginning to think it wasn’t going to be about Style Savvy at all and some other Dominic from somewhere else. Dominic x MC forever. I’ve always felt a bit disappointed because damn Dominic NEVER makes a move, like seriously he just gives you a dress on your birthday, or when you beat the international contest it’s like ”I so obviously have a crush on you and I’m asking to take you home but never mind I’m too shy so I’ll force Grace into driving you home” LIKE WTF!

Sorry for venting on you! So far I have really liked your story but I don’t like Andrew for some reason It says on the summary that he cheats and I have a pretty nasty feeling that he cheats with Keyana, just a thought! She’s really easy to hate though. Just hope to see more of him soon! I checked your last update and it is about a year ago..

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Style savvy trendsetters dating dominic Orientation is one of a central and sarah, a flared skirt of the founder of female journalist. Bipasha basu and everything in a calm and lawyer, was recently seen on .

Added 28th Jul , ID Ive had the game for at least a year but always restarted as I got bored of it being finished: That if you win the Masquerade maid skirt like Eunice’s and wear it, she will come to your shop and you serve her. After she gets all of her stamps, she says you can date Dominic Right at the start when Dominic askes you if you want to run a boutique, if you click the ermm I’m not sure button, he askes to take you to the park for a chat.

I have tried this myself and it didnt work, but apparently has worked for some others If you dress like Renee and turn up at his mansion, apparently he compliments you and askes you out. I really don’t know if this is true as only 1 person has said it. When Godfrey talks about making dinner for 2, if you wait and serve no customers apparently Dominic invites you round for dinner Dressing up in a blue or red dress after completing all contests and arriving at his mansion The one I have heard most about is that you win the contests, reach customers and when you do he either askes you on a date or then you change the date to your birthday.

He then askes you on a date and gives you presents, which you later get married in a dress he gives you. I did say at the start that I have not been out with Dominic yet, as I have recently resetted biggest mistake ever I’m not sure if any of those even work, just rumours that are worth a try. Five years have approximately passed, have you tried the rumors? Or have you like moved on? I can’t cling to tiny hopes, I might just die Guest said:

Style Savvy: Styling Star

We welcome all story pitches for consideration! Hollywood Trend Report is a syndicated half-hour contemporary TV style-savvy lifestyle magazine show highlighting the top trendsetters and airing in over 80 markets. Hollywood Trend Report radio show and reports syndicated interstitials air on radio stations covering trends, entertainment and music news WEB: We provide consulting and training services, as well as insider outlined pointers found nowhere else for those who want to take their business, professions and skills to the next level with knowledge from the inside track at the national level.

Style Savvy includes more than 10, items and a range of customers with a variety of styles and personalities. Every day customers who walk through the door of your shop tell you their shopping budget and the kind of clothing they s:

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Bold is so perfect for both of them! After our meeting, I headed back to Mira Luna, where we were having a rare slow moment. Michaela suggested I put together an outfit for her, which was really fun. She asked if I maybe wanted to run the boutique. As in, did I maybe want to take over the management of Mira Luna. Before I could say no, or talk about how my homework keeps me busy, Michaela made up her mind and Mira Luna became mine!

Next, Michaela called up this guy Harris, and together the three of us picked out a new interior for the boutique. The renovation took a couple of days, and in that time we also had our first snowfall. Emmylou came over first thing on the day of my grand re-opening day to say hi and wish me good luck. And to end on a high note, Celeste said the hair salon will be opening soon—finally, a chance for me to play around with some layers and highlights!

About Me Susan Hi! I’m a college student who plays video games, writes books, and creates art in her spare time.

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Where does the time go? Time for a menswear look. Opted for a chic look. May I help you? Fit for a Princess.

Style Savvy: Trendsetters was the first sim game I played. I still don’t know why I picked it up, either it specifically as opposed to another option, or in general any sim game, because I hadn’t.

I think the price is putting a lot of people off this game! I know a lot of people too that are interested but worried they won’t get full value from it. I was in Germany all of last week, and disappointed that I didn’t street pass anyone with the game! Apparently there are some people here in Cambridge playing. You’re right, I think. You probably keep your avatar will keep the outfit you wear when you swap the room.

You can choose to share the same room again and it’ll update your outfit, but it’ll probably give you a new room code. Did you visit my room? Try adding my room to your dollhouse you may have to clear away one of your rooms to make space, but it will stay in ‘spare rooms’. If you then visit my room you can tap on items to ask me about them, and buy them for your own collection. You can choose to take the outfit from the mannequin this way, so the trick is to share a room with a mannequin dressed up.

I tried to match my own outfit with the dummy’s clothes. Maybe you can dress up like me for a while?

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Style Savvy combines creativity and fashion with a collection of trendy clothes, chic accessories and stylish shoes. As the owner of a clothing boutique, you must purchase inventory, monitor the store’s funds and try to please a constant stream of customers who look to you for the best fashions.

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Create your Dream Boyfriend in Style Savvy: Trendsetters ⊟ New info on the Japanese update for Style Savvy: Trendsetters details the changes, including the new Dream Boyfriend mode. It’s not so much a dating sim as it is a mode in which you create a boyfriend, in your dreams.

Canaday and Edward James Hyland. She began in the business at the age of 4 with commercial work and voice overs. Her first film was Private Parts Trial by Jury Aside from all of her film and television work, Sarah studied voice, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, Theatre Dance, and performed with her tap and Theatre dance class at “Reel to Real” at Lincoln Center as invited performers.

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Style Savvy Dating Dominic ” http: What Consumers Really Want. Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach and author of “Succession: Richard Clarke, former counterterrorism adviser to U. Source close to headquarters, entrust store managers with product orders, and treat whats sold in stores and online as one stock.

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This Review is Reposted here for Archiving purposes. Click here for where I originally wrote it. The game involves your character getting ownership of a fashion store and slowly making it your own while also helping your customers find exactly what they are looking for. Plus, having some fun with customizing your own character. Despite being relatively simple, the game is also rather addictive. GAMEPLAY The gameplay is not much different than the first game with one of the biggest differences being that you do not need to hold your system vertically this time.

It plays horizontally like most games and it works perfectly fine. The other big difference is that the game is no longer real-time. Or well, not completely. The ingame months are judged by whatever month your 3DS is set to, but the actual days are not.

Style Savvy: Trendsetters – 4th of July Fireworks with Brad

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