Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo Were Allegedly Fired from Running Man


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A girl’s entitled to her fantasies so please bear with me: Apparently, she seem upset when she was not paired with Kim Jong Kook in games. Other than this fan girl, there were a number of celebrities that were ‘interested’ in Kim Jong Kook. His first love line is Yoon Eun Hye.

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Semakin lama moment couple ini semakin banyak saja, karena itu butuh waktu lebih lama juga untuk mengambil potongan-potongan gambar itu dari semua koleksi Running Man-ku. Sebenarnya selain yang aku tulis untuk episode di Running Man, sbanyak sekali spartace moment juga terjadi saat fans meeting. Bagaimana mereka selalu berdiri berdampingan, selalu berbisik, berpegangan tangan, berpelukan saat bernyanyi di atas pagung maupun interview. Kedekatan spartace couple ini cukup membuat tanda tanya, apa mereka benar-benar hanya teman biasa?

Kita tahu Kim Jong Kook bukan pria yang bisa dekat dengan wanita, ia pernah mengaku hanya menyimpan beberapa nomer handphone selebriti tidak lebih dari 5 nomer dan salah satunya adalah Song Ji Hyo.

Oct 06,  · Monday Couple, Song Song Siblings, or SpartAce Couple? SONG-SONG SIBLINGS MONDAY COUPLE SPARTACE COUPLE All the couples makes me wanted to ship and love them by their own charms! W Author: Unknown.

And the staff actually took your ideas and brought them to life? One fangirl gets her dream come true as the cast plays the games and abides by the rules she created herself. Broadcast on January 26, The cast will be divided into two teams Red vs. Green , and none of them will know which team they belong to until the final mission. The cast must pair up before their first game, and as expected, all the boys cast their votes for Dohee, who decides to pick whoever has the best satoori aka countrified accent.

Aw, some of their attempts are plain awful or barely passable. And then Shi-wan surprises everyone with his bleeped-out statement. Dohee chooses Jong-kook who flushes bright red, ha and Jin-gu teams up with similarly deep-voiced Haha. The teams reel in shock at their first game: Owww, I can already feel the pain from this side of the screen. Then their actual run just has me in stitches: Every passing second is painful for them, though hilarious for us until they finally reach the finish line.

SpartAce Moment (Part.3)

I just lend my blog for posting about this topic… This will start from the ship that we think it happened before her debut until NOW.. First episode of SBS Roommate Season 2 when other Roommate member is going outside and only Kangjoon who is in the house, He just done with his drama filming,then in the house he play with Oi, then Youngji came with a lot things. Thanks to Oi, she made them become closer.

Both are the maknae lines in Roommate Season 2,more popular with their sweet bickering, even other cast like Seho and Dongwook keep threaten them if they keep bickering they will marry them.

#SpartAce Kim Jong Kook (the guy with the Spartan strength) and Song Ji Hyo (the Ace) always had fans who wished they’d just date. Even when a lot of fans of the variety show Running Man were obsessing about the Monday Couple, there were already shippers of the strongest RM members.

She was elegantly and stylishly fashionable in her unconventional choice of clothing, and she really shone as well. She is averagely pretty, but she is one that really looks much prettier when she smiles. Above is a fan-taken picture, and even so, she really radiates happiness and charm with that bright smile of hers. Most Well-mannered – GD I was very touched by GD because as much of a global star he is, he is still down-to-earth and polite to all the fellow idols in attendance, though they were mostly his hoobaes juniors.

He won the most number of awards that night, yet he never failed to do a 90 degree bow to the idols seated there before going to collect the trophy. It was unexpected, yet deeply moving for me. Here is one of the videos where GD won. They acted out some drama with Kai and Luhan as the main actors, and the whole performance kept up with the dispute between the 2 of them. It was on a whole very innovate, starting with EXO dancing at their stacked up desks, and then keeping up with the concept.

The only downside was that their stage presence was somewhat lacking, even more so because there’s so many of them to fill the stage, yet the stage did feel a little too empty at times. On film, the stage really looks impressive, with the camera swinging all over the place and members occasionally stepping up to keep up with the drama acting. But what is actually happening on stage? Credits to member Tiffany for sharing with me this!

SpartAce Moment (Part.3)

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Pada awal sejarah Running Man, ada sebuah cinta segitiga antara dengan Monday Couple dan Haha. Hubungan ini telah ditunjukkan pada episode sebelumnya seperti pada episode 20 dan 43 ketika bagaimana Haha dan Gary bersaing dengan Song Ji-hyo.

Are you a big fan of Running Man? If you are then you could probably easily name every cast member including actress Song Ji-hyo. What else you know about Ji-hyo unni or noona besides her swift moves, wits, and beauty? Here are 10 amazing facts about the ace. She is a variety pro Watch the full episodes of Running Man here or Download the Viu app She has been the regular cast of Running Man since the very beginning it was broadcasted! Not just any female variety star, she knows how to entertain the viewers with her athletic skills and funny skits.

She has many nicknames due to her intriguing personality and surprising talents — Mong Ji-hyo Blank Ji-hyo , Song Ji-yok swears a lot , and Ace. With her nerves of steel and angelic heart, she always teases and takes care of her fellow team members. She has great chemistry with other members that viewers give different couple names like Monday Couple, Mongdol Sisters, and Spartace.

It is so hilarious how she slaps and does fly kicks to the guys. She is definitely one of the top female variety stars!

Spartace really falling love ~♡~Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo

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